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  • Add unlimited Gold

    Add unlimited Gold

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    Add unlimited Jade

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    Expand your troop limit

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  • Add an everlasting shield

    Add an everlasting shield

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  • Add more architects

    Add more architects

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Wait! What the heck is ‘Ninja Kingdom’ even about?

Ninja Kingdom is a Facebook-based browser game made by Zynga. It is actually a bit of a cross between the world-building games that got their start back in the days of Sim City and newer fighting games. It’s also pretty similar to Clash of Clans, but instead of goblins, barbarians, and Norse warriors, you get – as you might have expected – an Asian touch to experience! (Scroll down the page, if you want to find out more about the Ninja Kingdom Hack Tool immediately.)


Build, Prep, Fight!

Princess Spinned_220x163

The bad guys have ransacked your land! The princess’ family treasure has been stolen by the evil Shoguns’ forces and now you’re rebuilding your village to get both the princess and the treasure back.

There’s a little bit of the traditional “Save the Princess” action that dates back to the beginning of video games with the Super Mario Brothers and we actually like the classic video game motif they threw in there.

You can get all sorts of different troops while progressing in Ninja Kingdom. There are stealth units, ground units and air units, too! All together along with your controllable beast, Oni!

Since you’re going to be raiding other villages to increase your amount of resources, experience and trophies, it also won’t hurt to build some alliances. You and your friends can choose to cooperate in clans, which allow you to unlock several features, like additional walls or bombs to fortify your kingdom.


NinjaBigSword_220x193Plundering and pillaging is what it’s all about in this game! If you manage to hit the top 3 at the leaderboard you will be rewarded with the most valuable resource – Jade.

However, you won’t be beyond the best players in the world very quickly, since you need a ton of trophies!

To get some advantages, you can download our Ninja Kingdom Hack Tool, if you like.

The freedom to choose between collaboration and competition is pretty great. While we love the trend in cooperative gaming that allows your less experienced friends to continue playing with you and your fellow gamers, we also like a good competitive game and challenging multiplayer fights.

With Ninja Kingdom, you get the best of both worlds!


Why did we create the Ninja Kingdom Hack Tool?

Unfortunately, just when the game starts to make fun, you run out of Jade pretty soon. Therefore you can’t build your troops instantly anymore and you have to wait hours and hours for your troops to be trained. Until that point of time we really enjoyed the game but the waiting bored us to death. You’ve probably experienced that as well.

That’s the reason why we created our Ninja Kingdom Hack Tool in the first place – To shorten the duration between the fights!

We can tell, it was huge fun dominating other players one by one and earning thousands of trophies in a short time while heading towards the leaderboard peak.

As you can imagine though, the game gets quite boring once you fulfilled all achievements, maxed your buildings, unlocked- and upgraded your troops to the limit and beaten every possible kind of defense.

That’s the reason why we publish our Ninja Kingdom Hack Tool now – we don’t really need it anymore.

Ninja Kingdom Hack Tool


Enjoy it as long as it is working!


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Ninja Kingdom Hack Tool v2.7

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